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PUBG Xbox Hotfix Targets Crashes and Autoequip Bug

PUBG Corp added a hotfix to live servers Tuesday addressing crashes and autoequip bugs.

PUBG Corp introduced a hotfix for PUBG Xbox and PUBG PlayStation 4 on Tuesday addressing bugs causing crashes and one affecting autoequip attachments.

The crashes occurred both mid-match and when entering new matches, while the autoequip bug would simply reset a PUBG player's autoequip settings.

The developer announced the conclusion of server maintenance for the hotfixes at 5 a.m. ET along with a statement that its investigation into the "Lost Connection to Host" error remained ongoing.

Both the autoequip attachments feature and the "Lost Connection to Host" bug arrived in PUBG Xbox Update 8, released June 27. PUBG Corp announced its efforts to find a hotfix the following day, but has yet to announce progress.

The "Lost Connection to Host" previously affected PUBG Xbox beginning in August 2018, preventing thousands of players from joining games and contributing to the larger sentiment that PUBG Xbox was receiving insufficient support from the developer.

The error message's reappearance has left players frustrated and PUBG Corp stymied.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp