The PUBG Xbox July update release date has already been revealed by PUBG Corp, as has the update's contents. Here's what you need to know about the update.

PUBG Xbox July Update Release Date

The PUBG Xbox and July update will arrive first on the Public Test Server on July 23. A week later, on July 30, the update is scheduled to hit live servers.

The update contains two major new pieces of content: the Deagle (a portmanteau of Desert Eagle) and the BRDM-2.

The Deagle will be a powerful pistol that may merit picking up — unlike the vast majority of PUBG's sidearms, which are all but useless in most games.

The BRDM-2 will be a new armored, land-and-sea vehicle available as a drop from a Flare Gun care package.

The update will also up the explosions from gas cans, improve loot sorting, create new methods of communication among teammates, and add a system to automatically replace weapon skins from previously owned weapons with the new owner's skin.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp