PUBG Corp explained its plans to update the in-game matchmaking system in a development letter published Monday.

The new adaptive matchmaking system will step in when matchmaking times pass a certain threshold, offering PUBG players options to improve matchmaking times.

PUBG Xbox Matchmaking Update Explained

The first of these options will be to offer an alternative queue. For example, if solo matchmaking is taking too long, players will be recommended to join duos or squads instead. They’ll be able to stay in their chosen queue as desired.

Following a queue change, the matchmaking system will offer another region to play on. Players will have the option to ignore the recommendation.

Changes are also coming to map selection. sNorth America will begin using the Featured Map selection system, in which one map is chosen to be in its own playlist and the rest are left as a single, grab-bag playlist.

North America will also have the Preset Match option as an alternative to using the queue. These games, found in the custom games browser, will offer squad mode for all maps in any perspective. Squads will only be random — no pre-made teams allowed — and rewards will be given as normal. Preset matches will move to the in-game lobby once 80 players join, and will start two minutes later.

In the regions with the worst matchmaking troubles — Oceania and South America — only random map selection will be available.

Regions under the least strain in terms of matchmaking time — that is, Asia, Korea/Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe — will keep their map selection as it currently stands.

The new matchmaking system will arrive in the next PUBG PC update.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp