PUBG Xbox Player Believes They Found Glitch When They Run Into the Edge of the Map

A PUBG Xbox player posted a clip on Reddit about a possible glitch that keeps effecting his squad while they parachute onto Miramar. However, it didn't take long for the community to spot the problem.

The post reads, "Miramar bug? My squad and I have replicated this at least 5 times at this exact same spot."

While it may seem like an annoying bug of players flying over a specific spot before crashing to the earth, in reality, the players are hitting the edge of the map which causes you to immediately drop your parachute.

This can be harder to do on Vikendi, Erangel, or Sanhok because they're islands. So you have to jumped immediately when the plane start flying and turn around toward the edge of the water. On Miramar, the northern part of the map looks like it keeps going and you travel toward that part, but there is an invisible wall that will block you. Hence, when you're in the sky, it simply drops you to the ground.

So don't worry kids, no spot on Miramar will glitch and cause you to fall to your death unless you try to go outside the map.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp