PUBG Xbox Player Finds Invisible Water on Miramar

A PUBG Xbox player posted a clip of him driving on Miramar and then suddenly the game thinks he's in water. The car slows down to a snail's crawl and the sound of water fills the screen.

The car immediately starts smoking like if you drove headlong into a body of water.

It was such an interesting bug, that PUBG Corp responded to the Reddit post. They asked, "Hi, would you be able to tell us which Xbox console you play on and if you are using the standard hard drive or an external? Thanks." It seems they need to know which console it is before they can fix the bug or the problem only occurs on older versions.

Nonetheless, the bug may be entertaining to viewers, but it's frustrating to those that have to deal with it. The Xbox version is constantly receiving hot fixes, so expect a fix from PUBG Corp soon.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp