PUBG Xbox Player Pistol Wipes Enemy Squad

A PUBG Xbox player posted his epic clip on Reddit showcasing his pistol squad wipe.

He describes his teammates as potatoes, but they at least distracted the enemy team and took the bullets while he wiped the enemies.

In the video, you can clearly see the enemy team is distracted by all his teammates. The enemies aren't that stacked or good either. They start whiffing shots and only down one of his teammates. Most of them don't even shoot at our protagonist.

Still, snagging four kills with a pistol is impressive.

In actual PUBG news, PUBG Corp invested into updating the graphics on Erangel. The sub-30 second video briefly shows the sights and scenery of Erangel and fans can't wait to drop on the map. Additionally, the developer update included three new major updates. A new BDRM vehicle, a ledge grabbing feature and progression system were announced.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp