PUBG Xbox players are once again experiencing an error message telling them they have "Lost Connection to Host," in the wake of PUBG Xbox Update 8's release.

PUBG Corp acknowledged the bug via a tweet published Friday by its support account. PUBG Xbox Update 8 went live Thursday.

"Xbox Players: We are investigating an issue which is causing some players to receive a "Lost Connection to Host" error," the developer wrote. "We're actively working towards a hotfix and will provide an update once the details have been finalized."

Since the Twitter post went live, PUBG Corp has largely remained silent. As of Sunday, no hotfix has arrived.

PUBG Xbox Update 8's Thursday arrival brought several new features to the game including the Weapon Mastery progression system, autoequip weapon attachments, new controller presets to avoid leaning that disrupted aim, and several other improvements fan requested or otherwise.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp