PUBG Corp announced Wednesday that the Survival Title System Season 1 beta will finally end for PS4 and Xbox players.

The beta, originally extended at the end of March to accommodate PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS console players, will come to an end on May 21. The PUBG Support Twitter account also noted that the Public Test Servers will open up on the same day. Further details and PTS patch notes will be announced later in the week.

Revealed in January, the Survival Title System beta was a revamp to PUBG's rankings and rewards. New features such as no demotion and seasonal rewards were introduced.

"Seasonal rewards will be granted based on the Survivor Title held at the end of beta season 1. Beta season 1 rewards will be granted to players who hold the title of Novice or higher. You can receive multiple unique rewards and will be granted all rewards up to your highest title," PUBG Corp stated in the original extension.

PUBG Corp stated that if players have not received rewards 24 hours after the season has ended, contact the company's customer support.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp