PUBG Xbox Test Server July Update Goes Live

PUBG Xbox Test Server is now live with the July update and will be available for two weeks. PUBG Corp has added a reward for players who test out the PTS and help them find any bugs or errors.

If you participate during either the first or second week, you'll earn 4,000 BP for each week. If you do both, you'll earn a bonus of 2,000 BP.

PUBG Xbox Test Server Update

Console players will be able to try out the BRDM-2, Deagle, improved loot sorting, weapon skin, ledge grabbing, and deadly gas cans. These changes only arrived on the PC a few months ago, so PUBG Corp has increased their game on bringing the same content to the console as they do the PC.

PUBG is in the strongest spot since it's release back in 2017, so if you're wanting to try it out again, jump back in and try out all the new features on either PC or console.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp