PUBG Xbox Update 6: 3 Things It Did Wrong

PUBG Xbox Update 6 may have added some exciting new content to the game, but it's also brought its fair share of mistakes. Here are three things the latest PUBG Xbox update did wrong.

1. Falling Through Floor Still Possible

One of the most frustrating glitches in the wake of Vikendi's addition to the game was one in which players driving cars would seem to magically phase shift right through the road and out below the map. PUBG Xbox Update 6 attempted to solve this problem, but players continue to report the bug.

2. Grenade Duplication Bug Added

PUBG Xbox Update 6 added a number of devastating problems to PUBG, and this bug was one of the worst for game balance. Using this bug, players were able to duplicate grenades to their hearts' content. PUBG Corp has already hot fixed it, but it's inclusion in the patch had already done damage to player confidence.

3. Players Matched in Wrong Regions

PUBG Xbox has been plagued by a bug placing players in the wrong regions. This causes massive lag for those players and whoever plays against them. PUBG Xbox Update 6 was supposed to have solved the problem, but again seems to have let it slip through the cracks.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp