PUBG Xbox update #6 went live on Tuesday and with it came a multitude of content, performance and quality of life updates.

Xbox players were gifted with two new vehicles for the snow covered map: the Snowbike and the Zima. The Snowbike is an exclusive vehicle for the map and replaces the motorbike as a fast and fluent vehicle. The Zima is the bigger body vehicle providing safety in certain situations.

Despite the content and other performance updates, PUBG Corp got one thing exceptionally right this patch. PUBG Corp extended the Survival Title System Season 1 by more than a month and reopened the Vikendi Survivor Pass for another week.

PUBG Xbox Update #6 Gives Fans Room to Breathe on Survivor Pass Vikendi and Survival Title Season 1

"We understand that our messaging regarding the ending date of Survivor Pass: Vikendi was unclear, and that technical issues which caused mission progress tracking to be temporarily halted resulted in a great deal of confusion, and we apologize for this. To ensure players are able to complete missions in the time they feel they had remaining we will be reopening the Survivor Pass for one week," PUBG Corp said in the patch notes on the PUBG Xbox Reddit.

It's no secret that PUBG's attempt to mimic a battle pass (a la Fortnite) has not been successful, but this amendment is a step in the right direction.

Additionally, the Survival Title Season 1 was extended to May 14. The Survivor Pass: Vikendi will be available on PUBG Xbox until April 16.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp