PUBG Xbox Update #8 Adds New Controller Preset

PUBG Xbox Update #8 patch notes went live Tuesday introducing a new controller preset for those hoping to maximize their gameplay on console.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS console players are confined to particular controller presets, unlike PC players who can re-bind actions to anything on a keyboard or mouse.

A new controller preset might be the answer to those still struggling to master controls. Here's everything you need to know about the new Controller Preset: Type C in PUBG.

PUBG Xbox Update #8 Adds a New Controller Preset

Added a new Controller preset, Type C

  • Preset settings can be changed in the menus labeled Configuration - Control - Controller Preset
  • The new preset  is more suitable for thumb - index finger - middle finger control

Compared to Preset A or B, Preset C is for players that utilize leaning and combat strategies heavily

  • Preset C does not have the Aim (over the shoulder) key
  • Leaning can be used by pressing LB or RB key. Leaning was separated from the analog sticks to avoid disrupting the aim or movement.
  • The key to equip sidearm has been changed to double tap Y for a quicker change in dynamic battles

For other changes, please set the in-game Controller Guide

A word from our dev team

  • Controller preset C is designed to make a battle focused preset, so players would have minimum difficulty when moving, aiming, leaning or firing during combat by making them all independent. 
  • Preset C omitted the less commonly used key (in this case, AIM down the shoulder) and tried to avoid the loss in response time of ADS or distraction to combat.
  • We will be adding customization options to all presets (A, B and C) allowing some key settings to be added/altered. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback. 

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp