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PUBG Xbox Update to Include Weapon Mastery, Auto Equip Attachments

Weapon Mastery, auto equip attachments and controller preset C will arrive in PUBG Xbox on June 27.

The Weapon Mastery progression system is coming to PUBG Xbox in the game's next update, accompanied by automatically equipping attachments, map maker improvements and a new controller preset.

PUBG Xbox developer KooSung Jeong shared a brief preview of the June 27 update in a post on the PUBG Xbox subreddit.

Weapon Mastery will transfer to PUBG Xbox in much the same form it takes on PC, bringing unique and free rewards to the platform.

On the mechanical side of things, the auto equip feature will make looting a smoother and faster experience, while new tactical markers will allow players to place six different markers on the map.

Controller preset C will move the binding for leaning from the thumbsticks to the bumper buttons, allowing players to lean without disrupting their aim as severely. It will also include other changes that PUBG Corp has yet to share.

The June 27 update will also bring the next round of loot rebalance for Vikendi and Erangel.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp