PUBG Xbox Will Introduce Medals in June 27 Patch

PUBG Xbox will introduce medals in the June 27 update. While the PC version will see a remastered Erangel and parkour, the Xbox wasn't completely forgotten.

There were quite a few features added and one of them is a new medal system.

PUBG Xbox Will Introduce Medals in June 27 Patch

PUBG Corp described the new medal system, "The launch of Weapon Mastery also features the maiden voyage of our new medals system. Medals are our way of highlighting the awesome accomplishments you perform. Our launch medals all revolve around rare weapons feats. We’ll be sharing more on how medals fit into our larger plans in the future, but in the meantime, enjoy stacking those Quadras."

Weapon Mastery was one of the other systems added. Weapon Mastery is a new progression feature that allows players to earn unique and free rewards for playing with each weapon a certain amount. Hitting difficult shots, surviving for long periods and defeating enemies will all earn Weapon XP. That experience turns into levels, and every 10 levels players will advance to the next Mastery Tier, of which there are 10.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp