PUBG Yearly Revenue Could Explain Why PUBG Xbox Lags in Content

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS earned PUBG Corp $920 million in revenue in 2018, according to a report by Naver Sports. The original piece was in Korean, but a translation was shared by Niko Partners’ analyst Daniel Ahmad.

There are a few numbers to note as Asia was more than half of the income for PUBG Corp. This isn't surprising since PUBG Corp has a massive following all over central and pacific Asia. What's shocking is the total number of mobile revenue at $65 million. That seems far too low, but Daniel Ahmad explains in a later tweet that, "the reason that mobile revenue is low here is because Tencent obtained the license to develop and publish the mobile version." So the 53% Asian traffic is solely based on PC and console numbers. If PUBG Corp had a bigger share of PUBG Mobile, you would probably see PUBG's revenue rise to the 60-80% range.

And while PUBG Xbox fans are continually angry at the slow fixes PUBG Corp provides for their game, it makes sense when you look at the revenue comparison between PC and console. The PC version of the game makes $790 million, which dwarfs the $40 million generated on console and explains why PC receives the bulk of updates and content. Xbox and PS4 are going to play second and third fiddle, and fans better get used to that -- for better or worse.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp