Pulsefire Thresh: What We Know So Far

Pulsefire Thresh is the marriage of the most popular champions in League of Legends history meets arguably one of the coolest skin lines putting them together. Thresh will be join the likes of Caitlyn, Ezreal, Riven and other time travelers. If we're not counting Shen, Thresh will be the first support champion to receive a Pulsefire skin.

Pulsefire Thresh: What We Know So Far

The skin features what you'd expect from the Pulsefire skin line; blue futuristic visuals and sound effects to match.

Pulsefire Thresh will feature new models and textures, new VFX to gather the souls of his enemies new SFX, and new recall animation.

The skin will cost 1350 Riot Points and is set to be released on the next patch.

In addition to the base Pulsefire skin model, there will also be a Prestige Pulsefire Thresh skin released along side it with new VFX to fit it into the prestige mold. This skin will likely be available for for prestige points.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games