Pumpkin Hunt Fortnite: How to Complete the Fortnitemares Creative Challenge

The Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite can be completed in Creative mode.
The Pumpkin Hunt in Fortnite can be completed in Creative mode. / Photo by Epic Games

Pumpkin Hunt is Fortnite's latest Creative challenge, added to the game as part of the Fortnitemares Halloween celebration Wednesday. The map challenges players to find eight pumpkins hidden throughout the map. Here's how to get into the map and where to search for these pumpkins.

Pumpkin Hunt Fortnite: How to Complete the Fortnitemares Creative Challenge

From the main Fortnite menu, head into the Creative menu, then into the Creative hub itself. Once in the world, you should see the Pumpkin Hunt challenge in the top left of your screen.

Although there are scores of pumpkins around the map, only some count toward the challenge — those that glow and float.

To find the first, head through the left gate from where you spawn. Continue left, then approach the wall to the north and look for a passageway half-blocked by another gate. Head down the hall and you'll see the pumpkin at its end. Walk into it to pick it up.

Run back out of the tunnel and east along that same wall, past the main stairs, to another hallway like the first. In the Map Area room you'll find pumpkin number two.

Back outside, return to the spawn location, then keep running south through the gate. Climb the stairs, walk through the gate, then take a right to the graves. Break the ground of the back middle grave and you'll get the dungeon key.

Return to spawn, then head down to the Player Rifts to the east. Take a right and follow the hall — turning left, then right, then a second right. The pumpkin will be in a cell on your right that you can unlock with the dungeon key. Exit the dungeon and cross over to the Player Rifts area to the west. Head straight through and climb the stairs on the other side.

Enter the mausoleum and emote on the glowing altar. Run past the scarecrow and climb the bell tower steps. From there you'll see the fourth pumpkin, to which you can drop down. Leap off the south side of the building and head for the lone stone structure in the trees, directly in front of you. The fifth pumpkin hides behind that structure.

Run east through the trees until you reach a fenced-in pumpkin patch. Jump on the crate with a glowing pumpkin, then onto the wooden pole in front of you. Jump from pole to pole until you can reach the sixth pumpkin.

Return to the hub and run through the right gate, then immediately jump over the metal fence on your right and drop into the well. You'll see the seventh pumpkin right away, down the hall. Keep running down the hallway until you reach some stairs to climb. When you get to the ground floor, a door will open for you — don't go through.

Instead, turn right and keep stair climbing. On the second floor, look for a glowing bookcase on your right. Jump over the barrels to its left and look behind the bookcase for the last pumpkin. Now you'll be able to enter the castle at the north of the map.