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Putting a Plan Together WoW: How to Complete

Mikanikos in Bastion
Mikanikos in Bastion / Activision Blizzard

Putting a Plan Together in WoW is a quest in The Maw requiring the player to collect some Automaton Bolts and three Centurion Parts to Mikanikos.

To begin, you must have completed Waiting in the Wings, which you will likely have already done without realizing just by simply progressing in The Maw storyline.

Putting a Plan Together WoW: How to Complete

Putting a Plan Together is standard-fare for a quest in Shadowlands, collect 15 Automaton Bolts scattered throughout the quest area indicated on your map, and collect three Centurion Parts that must be handed in one at a time to Mikanikos.

The Centurion Parts are rather cumbersome, having the player tethered to a chain in order to carry just one Centurion Part back to Mikanikos. The yellow circle indicates the drop-off point for the Centurion Parts.

If you have trouble finding Centurion Parts, open the Group Finder and join any random group, this should phase you in to another server where you may have a better shot in finding some Centurion Parts if you can't find any on your server. While realm-hopping isn't as powerful and abuseable as it once was, this method will still prove useful for this quest.