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Qiyana League of Legends Abilities

Qiyana League of Legends abilities were revealed Friday ahead of her likely release in the Public Beta Environment next week after League of Legends Patch 9.12 goes live.

Qiyana, League of Legends' soon to be newest champion, now has had her abilities revealed to the public. With the release of Qiyana, a new region, Ixtal, will be added to the in-game world.

Qiyana is also the first assassin made for solo-laning since the release of Zed in 2012.

Her Kit is based on elements that can either be gained from targeting the river, walls, or bushes.

Qiyana League of Legends Abilities

Her passive ability is Royal Privilage -The first attack or ability against an enemy champ deals bonus damage. This cooldown resets when she draws a new element.

Her Q is Edge of Ixtal - Qiyana slashes the area in front of her dealing damage. If her weapon is using an element, her weapon hurls forward as a projectile and explodes. 

River - Roots opponents on hit.
Wall - Deals bonus damage to units with low health.
Brush - Leaves a stealth trail that gives movement speed.

Her W is Terrashape - Targeting an element, Qiyana dashes forward to gather its power. While enchanted, she gains movement speed near the element, attack speed, and bonus damage.

Her E is Audacity - Qiyana dashes a fixed distance towards a target, dealing damage to them.

Her R is Supreme Display of Talent - Qiyana creates a shockwave, knocking back enemies. Any River, Brush, or Wall hit by the shockwave then explodes dealing damage and briefly stunning enemies.

Cover image courtesy of Riot Games