Qiyana appears to be the next League of Legends champion, as teased Thursday in a League of Legends Champion trailer.

The League of Legends teaser shows Qiyana in silhouette standing among the grass of a jungle wielding a circular blade. The blade features three colored gem stones: green, red and blue. Each appears to correspond to a different element.

As the camera moves from gem to gem, Qiyana appears to influence first plants, then stones, and finally water, all as Qiyana narrates a monologue about raising jungles, shaping lands and commanding rivers. The title of the video further cements this connection, referring to Qiyana as the "Empress of the Elements."

The description reads "The people of Ixaocan celebrate her prowess. The world is next."

Riot Games has yet to announce an official release date for Qiyana. Based on previous champion release timelines, she is likely to arrive in League of Legends patch 9.13, scheduled for June 25.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games