Quantic Dream Reportedly Working On 'Dark Sorcerer' Game

The Dark Sorcerer tech demo may become a full game.
The Dark Sorcerer tech demo may become a full game. / Photo courtesy of Quantic Dream/Sony

Quantic Dream is working on a full game base on its 2013 PlayStation 4 tech demo The Dark Sorcerer, according to a leaker and an industry insider.

Twitter user AccountNGT revealed that the new game will be a "humor based game" developed by Quantic's core team in Paris, and that it's currently set to be released across console generations and on PC. Its story of medieval fantasy will focus on narrative interactivity and non-linear storytelling, and will be written by studio head David Cage.

AccountNGT previously revealed information about Star Wars: Eclipse, the other AAA game in development at Quantic, before it was announced at The Game Awards. The broad strokes of their report about the Dark Sorcerer project have been corroborated by industry insider Tom Henderson, who called the report "spot on."

The Dark Sorcerer demo is a 12-minute video written and directed by Cage that showed an actor playing a wizard in a video game that experienced various technical difficulties. It was meant to show off the PS4's real-time graphical capabilities.

AccountNGT and Henderson report Quantic Dream is struggling to hire for its two new projects, likely because of previous reports revealing the company's allegedly toxic work environment. Quantic Dream has denied these reports. It sued several French publications after reports emerged that the company had circulated degrading and offensive altered images of employees. The company lost those suits, including one against Le Monde.

Cage and fellow Quantic boss Guillaume de Fondaumière also sued Le Monde for libel, and managed to win the suit when Le Monde was unable to prove certain elements of its reporting without compromising the identities of its anonymous sources.