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Radar Jammers Nerfed on Fortune's Keep, Rebirth Island in Warzone Season 4

Radar Jammers have been nerfed on Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island.
Radar Jammers have been nerfed on Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island. / Image courtesy of Activision

Radar Jammers have been nerfed in Call of Duty: Warzone in Season 4, Raven Software announced Wednesday.

For those in the community who felt like Radar Jammers were muddying things up on Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island, Raven has released a small update to tidy things up.

Warzone Season 4 July 13 Update

As tweeted by the official Raven Software account Wednesday, the devs have reduced the effective radius of Radar Jammers by 20% on Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island.

Being that these two maps are on the smaller side, this certainly makes sense considering how strong Radar Jammers have been in settings.

When activated, Jammers scramble enemy player minimaps for 45 seconds and disrupt intel-giving Killstreaks, Heartbeat Sensors and pings for anyone caught in its radius. It also prevents players from seeing the circle as it closes in, often directly causing a number of players to meet their demise.

Although Raven also mentioned that they will be continuing to monitor engagement and feedback regarding the change, it didn't take long for players like OpTic Teep to urge the devs to also lower the drop rate of Radar Jammers.

"Raven I am getting JAMMED way too often on the keep lately," OpTic Teep tweeted, "maybe think about reducing the drop rate. Thanks."

Initially added as part of the Vanguard Season 3 content for Warzone, Radar Jammers can be looted from Supply Drops, Loot Boxes and Armored Transport Trucks.

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