Apex Legends

'Raf Strafing' Maneuverability Trick Has Taken Apex Legends Community by Storm

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A possible new way to dominate your foes has been discovered online and it has commanded the minds of Apex Legends players everywhere.

Apex Legends is a pillar of the battle royale genre and has been enjoyed by fans for quite some time. Aside from the standard rattle royale experience players can also compete in 3v3 arena matches and various other modes. Currently, players are participating in the Beast of Prey Collection event that is set to run from Sept. 20. through Oct. 4. This event features exclusive cosmetic items, new game modes, and various in-game updates. Apex Legends players are constantly looking for new methods to gain victory over others and it seems that one has been discovered in a recent tweet.

Twitter user @rafyxxx_a has discovered a new method that makes it so other players will have an extremely difficult time lining up their shot on you. This new maneuver is aptly named "Raf Strafing" after the gamer who initially pulled off this trick. This obviously provides a great advantage for players able to pull off this maneuver during skirmishes. As this trick is still fresh most players are still trying to decipher whether this ability could be executed with or without tampering with configuration tools.