Rage 2 Alcatraz Storage Containers: Where are They?

Rage 2 Alcatraz storage containers are in the Rage 2 version of Alcatraz: Gazcatraz. Storage containers are where players find loot and this guide will tell you where to find all of the storage containers in Gazcatraz.

Rage 2 Alcatraz Storage Containers

There are two Ark Chests, five Storage Containers, and one Data Pad in Gazcatraz. All of these items are pink, except for the ornate white Arc Chests.

The first container is located on a large second floor platform across from the watchtower and opposing the den.

The second storage container is at the outskirts of camp next to the green container with satellite dishes on top. The Data Pad is in the building with round roofs above this container.

Storage Container three is inside the room to the right of the bridge near where you found the Data Pad and Container two. The first Ark Chest is just up the ramp. The fourth Storage Container is in the small watch tower nearby.

Ark Chest two is in a small room behind the hanger. The last Storage Container is to the north of where you found the last one; you should be able to see where you found Storage Container four.

Published by Bethesda, Rage 2 is the follow up to the 2011 post-apocalyptic first person shooter Rage. It is similar to the movie Mad Max 2 and video game series Fallout and Borderlands. Unlike the previous title, Rage 2 includes character customization. However, the game has still received mixed reviews, likely because of bugs.

Photo courtesy of Avalanche Studios and Bethesda Softworks