Rage 2 Eden Space Center Hand Scanner: What is It?

Rage 2 Eden Space Center Hand Scanner allows you to move on to the next stage in Eden spaceport once you come across it.

Rage 2 Eden Space Center Hand Scanner

Before you head to the Space Center, go to the Sekreto Wetlands and meet with Doctor Anton Kvasir. Then, visit the town called Lagooney and talk to the man at the entrance to learn where you can find Kvasir. Head to his location, kill the mutants and talk to Kvasir through the intercom.

Kvasir will point you to the Eden spaceport for a mission. Head there and kill all the enemies before entering the complex. Here is where you need to press your palm upon the hand scanner at the reception desk before you can move on.

Keep on killing enemies and heading up the floors; the game should point you to where you need to go. There will be hordes of more enemies and a final boss to kill at Eden, but everything should be pretty straight forward.

Published by Bethesda, Rage 2 is the follow up to the 2011 post-apocalyptic first person shooter Rage. It is similar to the movie Mad Max 2 and video game series Fallout and Borderlands. Unlike the previous title, Rage 2 includes character customization. However, the game still has mixed reviews, likely because of bugs.

Photo courtesy of Avalanche Studios and Bethesda Softworks