Raheem Sterling FIFA 23: How to Complete the Level Up SBC


Raheem Sterling FIFA 23 Level Up SBC went live July 7 at the start of the new Ultimate Team promotion.

FIFA 23 is coming to an end and fans are preparing for a new era with EA Sports FC 24. Though, there's still summer content planned for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team including a new promotion called Level Up. The promotion is themed around earning special items and upgrading them through objectives.

The first SBC is a special 92 rated Raheem Sterling that requires just one segment to complete.

Raheem Sterling FIFA 23: How to Complete the Level Up SBC

Here's how to complete the FIFA 23 Level Up Sterling SBC:

  • One Segment
  • Premier League Players: Min. 1
  • Team of the Week or Team of the Season Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: 87
  • No Chemistry Requirement
  • Players in the Squad: 11

A well priced SBC all things considered with the in-game upgrade objective. The SBC is base 92 rated, but players can upgrade him to 95 overall through the Level Up Your Game I Milestone objective.

How to Upgrade FIFA 23 Level Up Raheem Sterling

Players have to score in 25 separate matches using the Level Up Sterling in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals and FUT Champions) while having a minimum of six English players in your starting squad. Yes, this is an intense requirement at this point in the year, but players who are still grinding FIFA 23 with FUTTIES still to come these are nice caveats to keep players invested.

The upgrade objective expires in 14 days so players have to move fast to get this done.