Rainbow Six Siege: Best Operators for Legacy Arcade Event

Rainbow Six Siege: Best Operators for Legacy Arcade Event
Rainbow Six Siege: Best Operators for Legacy Arcade Event / Photo Courtesy of Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege's latest event arcade event is called Legacy. In this event, players can only choose from the game's original 32 operators. On top of this, the map pool consists of the old versions of Hereford Base, House, and Presidential Plane. The game mode is always Bomb, and teams switch sides every round instead of after every two rounds. With that in mind, here are the best operators on attack and defense for this limited-time event.

For attackers, IQ, Glaz, and Fuze are especially potent in this game mode. IQ's utility can find the bomb location easily, as well as identify where gadgets are. This practically makes Kapkan's utility useless. On top of that, Bandit and Jaeger's utility is fairly easy to destroy once it's found.

Glaz typically struggles because his sniper loses close corridor gunfights. However, his sniper rifle can shoot through the windows of the Presidential Plane, which is something no other operator in this game mode can do. On top of that, Glaz has a field day when attacking the top floor of House. Glaz has so many different angles he can cover, without even being inside the map. Fuze's utility either gets kills or forces enemies out of a room temporarily. On these three maps, there are so many destructible walls and ceilings that Fuze is just a safe pick. Thermite would typically go on here since he's the only original member with utility to get through reinforced walls. However, reinforced walls on these maps aren't all that important since there are so many different ways for teams to attack site.

On defense, Pulse, Jaeger, and Smoke are the go-to operators. Smoke's utility on smaller maps like these makes his canisters a bit more valuable since they cover such a large range. On top of that, the canisters do a surprising amount of damage and last a fairly long time. Jaeger is the only defender who carries an assault rifle in this mode, meaning he can take longer-range gunfights easier. On top of that, Jaeger's utility helps mitigate the damage that operators like Ash, Fuze, and Thatcher can do. Pulse's heartbeat sensor is invaluable on small maps like these. Pulse can use the still nitro cell trick since most floors on these maps are destructible. On top of that, his shotgun is one of the best in the game for close-quarter fights.

The Legacy event ends on Jan. 5.