Rainbow Six Siege KD Reset: How to do

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

With Rainbow Six Siege's newest season, Year 6 Season 3: Operation Crystal Guard, just released, many players are trying to learn how to reset their KD. Look no further, here's all the information Rainbow Six Siege players should know about resetting their KD.

Unfortunately, Rainbow Six Siege players cannot reset their KD. The only way for players to do so is by creating a brand new account. By creating a new account players will have to build their level, win rate, rank, and operator pool from scratch, making it the nuclear option. On a brighter note, there are multiple alternatives that players can consider.

Rainbow Six Siege KD Reset: How to do

Despite players being unable to reset their overall ranked KD, their ranked KD per season automatically resets and can be easily viewed. All players need to do is click on Ranked just like their queueing for a match, only instead of queueing another button/key option will appear allowing players to view more info. There they can find all sorts of information including their "Ranked Stats Menu" which includes players' seasonal KD as well as win rate.

Another option Rainbow Six Siege players have is to use an website, such Ubisoft's official R6 Stats Tracker, to view their stats. The website allows players to view stats on various maps, operators, by season, and even in the three main modes (casual, ranked, unranked).

Those keeping their account but still interested in increasing their KD may want to check out DBLTAP's Rainbow Six Siege September 2021 operator tier list to give them an edge against their opponents this month.