Rainbow Six Siege New Operators Leak: Everything We Know About Season 4

Rainbow Six: Siege new Operators leaks have slowly appeared over the months. Year 4 has proven to be one of the most exciting and varied years so far, so the buzz around the upcoming Season 4 comes as a surprise to pretty much no one. Here's everything confirmed or rumored so far for Season 4.

New Operators: While no names for new operators have been unveiled by Ubisoft yet, the Year 4 road map alluded to the fact that the nationalities of at least two of the new operators will most likely be Kenyan or Indian. According to popular Siege leaker Komora, one operator will likely specialize in anti-projectile defense. This is inferred from Ubisoft's statement that "Jager will have competition" for Season 4.

Map Updates: Season 4 will feature several updates on pre-existing maps, the most notable of these changes happening in Theme Park. According to developer Alexander Karpazis, the changes are necessary to streamline the action on this map, and make it easier for players to see in certain areas such as the gargoyle maze.

New Weapons: While new weapons have become rarer as Year 4 progresses, Ubisoft does plan to add a few gadgets to round out your arsenal, the biggest addition being the proximity alarm, which will allow players to track enemy players entering camping spots.

Image Courtesy Ubisoft