Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List January 2021

Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List January 2021 / Photo Courtesy of Ubisoft

There are currently 58 operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Each operator has their own unique utility. The best operators have utility that's hard to deal with and carry good weapons. With that in mind, here's the Rainbow Six Siege January operator tier list.

Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List January 2021

D Tier

Warden, Tachanka, Rook, Amaru, Blitz, Glaz, Nokk, Fuze

On defense, Warden doesn't offer any team utility. His glasses let him see through smoke and flashbang grenades, but there are already so many operators that counter grenades for the team rather than for just one person. Tachanka is too slow to make his launcher as good as it could be. Rook has armor for the team, but that doesn't help with his ability to win gunfights.

On attack, Amaru's utility is only good outside of the building. Blitz has the smallest shield of any operator that carries one. Glaz's rifle is less powerful than Kali's. Being able to see through smoke is also a bonus, but it doesn't do much for the team. Nokk can avoid being detected by cameras, but her submachine gun isn't all that great. Fuze is debatable for this tier since his primary weapon is good and APM-6 cluster charge is fantastic. However, if the site has hard walls or ceiling with no hatches, Fuze runs out of options quickly.

C Tier

Oryx, Clash, Castle, Vigil, Blackbeard, Montagne

On defense, Oryx needs large maps with a lot of floors to thrive, which there are not many of. Clash is annoying to deal with, but can't help a team if they fall behind. Castle barricades make attackers use a utility to destroy them. Vigil gets good weapons, but his utility doesn't directly help the team.

For attackers, Montagne has the largest shield and can be a pain to deal with. However, Montagne can't do anything on his own. Blackbeard can live a little longer in his gunfights with his shield, but his weapons aren't good in comparison to the rest of the cast.

B Tier

Alibi, Caviera, Doc, Ela, Frost, Kapkan, Pulse, Mira, Finka, Lion, Capitao, Gridlock, Nomad, Twitch, Zero

Alibi's utility won't work on more veteran players, but her submachine gun is surprisingly good. Caviera's potential to expose the location of all enemy attackers has to be respected. Doc doesn't get the best weapons, but he's the only defender that can heal a teammate from a distance. While Ela's utility isn't easy to place optimally, her submachine gun has one of the fastest fire rates in the game. Frost and Kapkan both are entry denial operators. However, they can both be mitigated by simply being careful. Pulse's utility makes finding enemies easier, but his submachine gun is weak. Mira has good utility and a good gun. However, her gameplay is almost entirely focused on walls around site.

Finka is the only one on attack who can restore her teammates health from a distance. However, her weapons aren't very strong. Lion's utility forces players to stand still. Managing Lion's utility properly can be difficult. Capitao and Gridlock fill the same role as operators who stop defenders from rotating to or from site. Nomad gets good weapons and a fun utility. However, once the utility is place, it cannot be picked back up again. Twitch gets two very good weapons and an important utility. However, Twitch's drone cannot jump, making traveling difficult. Zero's camera can destroy utility. However, it can easily be destroyed before doing so.

A Tier

Echo, Valkyrie, Smoke, Lesion, Goyo, Dokkaebi, Hibana, Maverick, Jackal, Kali, Buck, Sledge, Ying, Zofia, Iana

Echo would be higher on the list if his drones didn't have to attach to the ceiling, or if his weapons wasn't permanently silenced. Valkyrie's cameras are surprisingly good, and she come equipped with arguably the best submachine gun in the game. Smoke's canisters deal a lot of damage, cover a surprising amount of space, and last a fairly long time. Lesion's mines change the pace of a round. Goyo's deployable shield can be destroyed, but it also kills a lot of time while burning.

Dokkaebi's best weapon is either her machine pistol or her shotgun, but it's her ability to hack cameras and locate defenders that puts her in A-tier. Hibana can destroy reinforced walls from a distance, but her primary weapon runs out of ammo quickly. Maverick is the weakest hard-breach operator, but his blowtorch is still effective. Jackal's utility locates a singular enemy, which makes roaming as a defender dangerous. Kali's sniper rifle is an automatic injure if it hits above the waist. Buck and Sledge fill the same role of soft-destruct operators. Ying's candella's cause a lot of havoc for defenders. Zofia is one of the few operators that can pick herself up from being injured. Iana's drone easily fools defenders. The problem is actually getting her drone onto site.

S Tier

Bandit, Kaid, Mute, Maestro, Jaeger, Aruni, Melusi, Wamai, Mozzie, Ace, Ash, IQ, Thatcher, Thermite

Bandit and Kaid are the only operators that can electrify surfaces, destroying equipment that comes in contact with them. Mute jammers also mitigate a lot of utility attackers bring, including drones. Maestro's camera's deal damage and are hard to get rid of. Jaeger and Wamai catch any grenades the attackers can throw. Aruni's gate also stops projectiles and can deal plenty of damage. Melusi's utility is very good on specific sites. Mozzie can capture potentially three of five drones at the start of a round.

Ace has arguably the best hard breach utility in the game, along with a fantastic primary weapon. Ash's assault rifles are powerful, and her utility can destroy soft surfaces from a distance. IQ can find the bomb site easily and any other electronic equipment. Thatcher's EMP mitigates defensive utility easily. Thermite gets to breaching charges that can go through reinforced walls, and his assault rifle is surprisingly good.