Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List: March 2021

Courtesy of Ubisoft

As of March 2021, there are 59 operators to select from in Rainbow Six Siege, split between offensive and defensive Operators.

Depending on the situation, it is always wise to have an Operator with a strong primary weapon, as well as good utilities and a knack for communication. With that in mind, we're giving you our five a side best Operators for Offense and Defense In Rainbow Six Siege, as of March. This is subject to change with future updates coming later this month.


Aruni, Bandit, Kaid, Maestro, Valkyrie

Photo Courtesy of Ubisoft

Bandit and Kaid hand in hand make Operators on Offense struggle with their electric abilities, which take out enemy equipment and utilities. Aruni still has one of the best utilities with her gate, which can help on defense by blocking projectiles. Aruni's submachine gun is also very good as a primary weapon, apart from the magazine size. Valkyrie provides an even stronger submachine gun to put enemy attackers down when they close in on your site and her cameras help keep eyes on enemies at all times.

Maestro is one of our favorites for defense, not just become his machine gun is good on defense, but his cameras work well and provide laser-beam fire when they open, which can feel like you have an additional set of hands-on defense.


Zofia, Thatcher, Ace, IQ, Thermite

Zofia LMG is very powerful, and its ammo capacity will never be an issue. She can also revive herself, and her Lifeline launcher can destroy walls and concuss enemies. Thatcher EMP grenade is still essential in every lineup, no other operator can disable enemy electronics as quickly as him. This gives you enough time to devise a gameplan to push the enemy site. IQ is able to spot enemy equipment for your team to avoid and can point you in the right direction to the enemy bomb site the fastest. Thermite's AR is one of the best in the game, and if you use him patiently, his hard breaching ability can break through reinforced enemy lines quickly.

Photo Courtesy of Ubisoft

Ace is our favorite for the offense because of the S.E.L.M.A aqua breacher, his hard breaching ability. When deployed, this breacher explodes a hole in walls, ceilings and floors using hydraulic pressure, which can be used as a breaching point for other operators. His AK-12 is very strong, and Ace can throw his gadget, and activate it from far away to keep distance from enemies while still executing on offense. All around, Ace is essential for any team's offense in Rainbow Six Siege.