Rampardos Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Rampardos Pokemon GO is another Sinnoh region exclusive that is making its way to the GO scene.

The Rock-type fossil Pokémon has the potential to become one of the best attackers in Pokemon GO. Here's what you need to know if you want to catch Rampardos.

Rampardos Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Rampardos is not a Pokemon that you will be able to catch in the wild. This means that you will have to find Cranidos in the wild and evolve it into Rampardos using 50 Cranidos Candies.

Although, fossil-Pokemon are rare Cranidos has been linked to PokeStops so you can find them there.

According to RankedBoost, Rampardos will have a max CP of 2523 in Pokemon GO. It is believed that Rampardos will have access to Rock Smash and Rock Throw as they are fast moves which hit hard. Other moves such as Ancient Power, Rock Tomb, Rock Blast, and Stone Edge are also up for consideration.

This Pokemon is a hard hitter, though be mindful that Rampardos is weak against Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water-type moves.