Random Warzone Class Generator Explained: Can You Win By RNG?

Looking for a challenge? Try the random class generator and take the RNG into Warzone for the most unlikely victory possible.
Looking for a challenge? Try the random class generator and take the RNG into Warzone for the most unlikely victory possible. / Photo by Chaz Frazer / DBLTAP

A random Warzone class generator has been making its rounds on the web and players, streamers and content creators have been recently challenging themselves by letting rng decide their entire loadouts: from weapons to perks and everything in between. We explain how the tool works, where to get it, and ask if you can answer the challenge to pull off a Warzone Victory in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale offering.

Reddit user r/UJGA has created a random class generator and shared it with the world. Gamers looking for a challenge, or those who want to diversify their loadouts and try new combinations at random have been flocking to the website created to help you do just that. The site is available at http://mwrandomclass.com and the app available on the Google Play Store attempts to streamline the process for you as much as possible. You can also interact with the developer on Twitter if you have any questions regarding the client, or upcoming release on iOS.

Random Warzone Class Generator Explained

The website and app have been live since November 2019, but has gained significant traffic since Warzone dropped back in March. Setting up your first random class is as simple as accessing the site and clicking the blue “Generate My Class” button at the top of the page.

The site and app are being updated constantly by the developer, and as this is a separate client from the game, does not involve any modifications or cheats to implement - just random fun cycling through your in-game possibilities.

 Random Warzone Class: Can You Win By RNG?

To answer the pressing question - Can you win with an rng class? - the answer is: Someone already has. YouTube content creator cG_Gub has highlighted a video of him doing exactly that. Taking the audience to the website and showing the random class generation process, editing a loadout to include that random class, then subsequently going in game, buying the loadout through a supply drop and winning the game. It all came together beautifully and will be interesting to see if other streamers and content creators take initiative to produce content such as this - at the expense of their stats no doubt if they draw something horrible due to rng.