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Ranked Teamfight Tactics: How Does it Work?

Ranked Teamfight Tactics was released Wednesday as a new playlist within the game. With autobattlers being a relatively new genre, a ranked system of play might appear more complicated than it is.

First of all, the ranking and tiers will work the same as League of Legends. You will climb the ranks from Iron to Bronze to Silver, all the way up to Challenger. You will receive a preliminary ranking from the first ranked game you finish and go from there.

Ranked Teamfight Tactics: How Does it Work?

The LP system will work similarly but not exactly the same. You will gain LP for a victory and lose some for a defeat, but once you get to 100 LP you will not have to place promotional games. You will just rank up to the next division or tier.

To have a game considered to be a victory, you will have to place within the top fours slots at the end of the game. The opposite is true for a loss. The better you place in the top four the more LP you will gain. Similarly the worse you rank out of the bottom four the more LP you will lose.

Finally, the matchmaking will pit you against players that have a similar rank to you and this might shift how common it is to see certain strategies take place within your game so be aware of what your opponents are doing so you do not get caught off guard.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games