Ranking the Best Fortnite Seasons From Worst to Best

Ranking the best Fortnite seasons is all about style or opinions, and everyone will have a different list. Here are the best Fortnite Seasons.
Ranking the best Fortnite seasons is all about style or opinions, and everyone will have a different list. Here are the best Fortnite Seasons. / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Ranking the best Fortnite seasons is all about style or opinions, and everyone will have a different list. The game started off slow before launching off into space with celebrities, athletes and gamers alike playing the game.

While the game has come back to earth, it's still popular and Epic Games is always adding in new items. With each new battle royale, Fortnite adapts and adds new mechanics. Warzone has the popular Buy Stations, and Epic Games is looking to add Upgrade Stations to the game in response.

So let's go over which seasons were the best and which were the worst.

12. Season X

Are your surprised? The season with B.R.U.T.E.S, the unstoppable mechs was some of the most hated Fortnite gameplay in the game's history. And it's not even close. If you wonder why a lot of Fortnite pros are leaving the game, this season was one of the main catalysts.

11. Season 7

There is gonna be a theme here. Whenever Epic Games adds something, usually a vehicle to the mix that is too overpowered, the game suffers. Planes were added to the map, making the game feel much more like a Battlefield match than a battle royale game. Add in a powerful sword which made it into professional matches, and it's one of the most unpopular seasons.

10. Season 8

Pirates everywhere. The season will be remembered for pirates, ninjas, map changes, the hamster ball, and not much content. While the map changes were drastic, the season was dry compared to others.

9. Season 9

While the later seasons were less than stellar compared to the earlier ones, Season 9 is a great one. Mobility was added to the map with the slipstream circles, and the Pump Shotgun was removed. The map was changed into a more futuristic style and no new unnecessary vehicles were added.

8. Season 6

Season 6 was the rise of Fortnite players skills and Fortnitemares. While the event was meant to celebrate the Halloween season, in typical Epic Games fashion, the small addition completely changed how the game worked. Players could farm shields and weapons from Fortnitemares, and could completely ignore drops.

7. Season 4

Jetpacks, jetpacks everywhere. Right during the height of the Fortnite squad of Ninja, DrLupo, and Timthetatman, Season 4 was the real start of a creative Fortnite. It was the beginning of a concurrent storyline which progressed over each season starting with the meteor crash in Season 3. However, there were better seasons.

6. Season 5

It was the first time Epic Games added a different type of biome to the map, replacing the swamps with a desert. This was the start of a more competitive Fortnite with brands across the world hiring professional Fortnite streamers and players. FaZe Clan in Fortnite really took off and you were beginning to see competitive scrims and lobbies. Plus, Lazy Links. Glorious.

5. Chapter 2 Season 2

Chapter 2 S2 kept building on Epic Games' vision to shake things up. Players were introduced to agents, new ways to complete challenges, mini bosses around the map, and some new mechanics to the game. It was a fun season.

4. Season 1

Look, I was there. It wasn't that great. Yes, it started it all, so it has to get props, but there were a lot of problems with Fortnite at first. It was too slow, no one knew how to build, the weapons were pretty lackluster, and the map was barren.

3. Season 2

While this may be many players first introduction to the game, with the infamous Battle Pass, Season 2 was still a mess at times. The game wasn't polished yet. But, we got Tilted Towers. There was a motto, win Tilted, win the game. Hordes of players landed at Tilted every game showing Epic Games needed to do a lot more to populate the rest of the map.

2. Chapter 2 Season 1

The remodel of Fortnite was exactly what the game needed. After ten seasons, and some pretty terrible ones toward the end, the game needed a reboot, so Epic Games sucked their world into a black hole. Ninja got his skin in the game, and we saw a new way to play the game.

1. Season 3

This was prime Fortnite. Epic Games had finally added more features to the map, weapons were improved, players were learning to build finally, and the rise of Fortnite streamers had come. Everyone was leaving PUBG to stream Fortnite and it was gaining traction everywhere. We got our first look at creative skins and emotes, and the game would never look back.