Rarest Shiny in Pokémon GO: What is it?

Niantic, Pokémon Company

The odds of catching a normal shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO is about one in 500, but some Pokémon end up being much rarer to catch, let alone encounter.

Shiny hunting in Pokémon GO is no easier than it is to shiny hunt in the main-series games. What complicates this issue even further is the fact that some Pokémon have very unique methods to encounter them, even being so unique that they can often be hard to replicate in order to keep finding the shiny versions of those Pokémon.

Below is a list of some of the rarest shiny Pokémon players may or may not have had the chance to encounter.]

Rarest Shiny in Pokemon GO: What is it?

There really is no one answer for this question, but there are a lot of Pokémon that players will either have to maintain their patience to attain, or have lost the chance entirely at this point.

1. Shiny Alolan Grimer

The Poison- and Dark-type Alolan form of one of the original 151 Pokémon has become notorious in Pokémon GO for its hard-to-get status. What makes this Pokémon so difficult to catch is that it was originally only attainable through hatching eggs, but now, cannot even be found in the wild for players to catch more to breed more eggs.

2. Shiny Abra

Shiny Abra keeps similar traits from the main series Pokémon games to Pokémon GO, in the sense that it will not hesitate to teleport away from a battle. This means that even if you are lucky enough to find a this shiny Psychic-type, you may see your hope of catching it teleport away.

3. Shiny Smeargle

Shiny Smeargle unfortunately is an event-locked shiny Pokémon, which means that only during certain events will you get a chance to even be able to shiny hunt for it. The Festival of Colors event, which lasts until March 14, is one of those small windows players have to encounter it. Even so, players will have to take pictures of their Pokémon, hoping that a Smeargle will photobomb it.

4. Shiny Witch Hat-Wearing Pichu

This shiny (with a very long name) is event exclusive, that being the one of the annual Halloween events. Similarly to Smeargle, it isn't common either, players will still have to look dilligently for this Pokémon, and then hope that once they find one, it is of the shiny variation.

5. Alolan Marowak

Alolan Marowak unfortunately does not evolve from Alolan Cubones, it can only be found from a very lucky player in a Raid Battle as they play through their game. So, that being said, finding a shiny one will also make players rely on their luck of traveling to different raids, hoping that Alolan Marowak is the Pokémon being challenged.