Raven Software Amends Lack of Notice on Five Perks in Warzone

Official Update from Raven Software, March 28
Official Update from Raven Software, March 28 / Raven Software

After a number of players took notice of a change in the perks during Season 2 Reloaded, Raven made an official statement regarding the "secret" update. They stated their desire to transition the perks away from their role in a regular multiplayer shooter, and focus them on impacting the meta of a battle royale game.

On March 28, popular Warzone analyst TrueGameData announced that he had found a secret nerf to the Ghost perk on his official Twitter. The Ghost perk is an often reviled perk as it's long been abused to camp, thus not being in the spirit of a battle royale-style game.

With this Twitter post, TrueGameData explained that the Ghost perk no longer hides you from UAVs and other tracking implements when you're standing still, only activating when on the move.
While the perk hasn't been loved by everyone, many were confused as to why the perk got nerfed without an official update.

But, as fans soon learned, the Ghost perk was not the first to get a surprise update.

After this unexplained reveal for the nerf, popular Warzone player JGOD confirmed he had seen buffs to two popular perks, Restock and Quick Fix. These perks were vital as they helped refill a players equipment and boost health regeneration, respectively. This further confused fans of the game, as it made no sense to just update three major perks without notice. Given that Season 2 Reloaded was released on the 23rd it seems logical they would have released the buff then.

In response to the confusion, Raven Software sent out a statement, along with some new patch notes explaining their reasoning, along with listing two other buffed perks: E.O.D and Scavenger which boosted explosive protection and ammunition refilling.

Stating that their desire for the game was to move these perks from the traditional multiplayer focus of previous COD games, and set them up to be more viable in a Battle Royale centered game.

We see this chapter of Warzone as an ever-evolving and layered gameplay space where we want both counterplay and interplay between systems to be viable. We want to provide Players with a variety of tools to create even more interesting stories or “big-brain” plays that take advantage of systems in ways that we as developers never thought possible.

Raven Software March 28

Overall, the new perk changes show that Raven is looking to move COD towards gameplay centered around Battle Royale, then simply its original multiplayer shooter roots. It remains to be seen if this is a good or bad thing, as only time will tell if this was a success or a major failure

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