Raven Software Bans 150,000 Players in One Week While Sharing Video of a Cheater's Reaction

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Raven Software has been busy. Besides creating new content, staying updated on glitches and bugs, and keeping up against other battle royales, the company also has to fight a never-ending war against cheaters. And this might be its most important battle; dozens of streamers and thousands of gamers have left Warzone for other games. The main complaint? Too many cheaters.

Raven Software hasn't taken this lying down. In just over a week, Raven Software has banned over 150,000 cheaters. It started with 100,000 last week, then an additional 50,000 players were banned on Wednesday.

And to keep the PR train rolling, Activision published the above tweet which highlights a video of cheater rushman360 showing off the dirty work. The anti-cheat program is working so well, rushman360 couldn't even log into his other accounts, ones he had yet to play. All of them were banned.

This is a massively important step as the main problem with cheating isn't necessarily finding cheaters - that's the easy part. It's stopping them from creating a new account and doing it all over again. And for free-to-play games, this is easy to do. If an anti-cheat can figure out the connected accounts, essentially banning the hardware, then there's a chance at stopping the flood of cheaters.