Ravenlok Release Date Information

Courtesy of Cococumber

When will Ravenlok be released?

Ravenlok is a fantasy RPG game from the developer Cococumber, and will serve as the final game in the Voxel Trilogy. The game was officially announced at the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase that took place on June 12.

What makes Ravenlok interesting is that the game has an unique artstyle, with it being a 3D game with gorgeous pixel art. Ravenlok's story is centered around a girl who falls through a magic mirror and lands in a mysterious land that's under the control of a corrupt queen. It's up to the player to make decisions and upgrade their character to save this new land and to find a way back home. The gameplay that was shown was limited, but there seems to be skill trees and arena based combat with unique bosses and enemies also briefly shown.

Ravenlok Release Date Information

With a full trailer shown at the Xbox Game Showcase, it was announced at the end that there is no official release date. The only information given so far is that the game is slated to come out in 2023.

With a decent amount of time between now and 2023, expect more announcements and details to be released from the developers regarding gameplay, story features, and eventually an official release date.