Ravens Theme Team Madden 21: Every Player Involved

Ravens Theme Team Madden 21
Ravens Theme Team Madden 21 / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It is almost hard for Baltimore Ravens fans to get excited about a Madden 21 Theme Team because watching them play on television is video game-like. Lamar Jackson is 24-4 as a starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down.

MightyWings created the team on MUTHead featuring the very best of the best in the game.

Let's take a look at these offensive starters. The offensive rating is 89, which seems low considering the potential talent on that side of the ball. But at a deeper look, having a 79, 81, 84, and 86 OVR on the offensive line will crush the overall rating.

To the surprise of some, Lamar Jackson is not the highest rated quarterback. Randall Cunningham (91 OVR Team of the Week) edges out Jackson's Superstar MVP 89 OVR. Jackson is equipped with 89 speed to Cunningham's 88. Outside of that, Cunningham wins all the passer ratings.

Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles
Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Ravens Theme Team Madden 21

Leading the way in the backfield is a 93 OVR Barry Sanders, who will beat you in every way imaginable. Steve Smith Sr. (93 OVR) and Andre Johnson (91 OVR) can open things up for Sanders and will force a defense to overcommit somewhere. A 91 OVR Patrick Ricard at FB and 92 OVR Darren Waller at TE can make up for an atrocious offensive line outside of 90 OVR RT Orlando Brown Jr.

On the flip side of the ball, the Baltimore Ravens defense also has an 89 OVR rating. They do get crushed with a 79 OVR LE and an 84 OVR DT. Outside of that, this defense is insane. Nine defensive players with an overall rating of 90 or higher.

The Ravens defense is anchored by 95 OVR MLB Sam Mills' MUT21 MUT Master and 93 OVR CB Marlon Humphrey's MUT 21 Limited Edition card. The secondary consists of nobody under a 90 overall with a 92 OVR Barry Sanders opposite of Humphrey.

The linebacking group around Mills is 90 OVR Adalius Thomas and 90 OVR Elvis Dumervil. That is no joke. You might be thinking, "How can I possibly move the ball against this defense?" Well that is a great question.

The best answer is to attack the defensive line and then hope you don't get lit up by the linebackers or a blitzing secondary member. A 79 LE, 84 DT, and 89 RE are penetrable and can be a good source to move down the field methodically. Big plays will be few and far between. But there is hope by going with the ground and pound.