Razor Shell Pokémon GO: How to Give Samurott the Move

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs

Pokémon GO's Community Day on Sep. 19 will release the Shiny Oshawott Pokémon and allow Oshawott to evolve to Samurott with a new move: Hydro Cannon (Water-type). Players who evolve Deowatt to Samurott before the end of the event will also be able to have it learn the move Razor Shell (Water-type) after the event ends.

Players will be able to find Oshawott in a wide variety of places, including Rainy Lure Modules that they are specifically attracted to. Players can also be lucky enough to find a Shiny Oshawott in the wild.

Razor Shell Pokémon GO: How to Give Samurott the Move

Players can also participate in activities to earn a variety of awards from the Community Day event, including:

  • A Community Day box available for purchase full of goodies, including Lucky Eggs, an Elite Fast TM, Rainy Lure modules, and Ultra Balls.
  • Oshawott stickers available from PokéShops, through in-game purchases, and from opening gifts.
  • A surprise from the Community Day event by taking snapshots.

So be sure to evolve your Oshawott to Samurott during the event to make sure you get the exclusive Hydro Cannon, and be on the lookout after the event to see Razor Shell move added to Samurott's arsenal.