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Rebecca Chambers Perks Revealed in Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB

Courtesy of Capcom

Here are the Rebecca Chambers Perks revealed in Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB

Dead by Daylight will be collaborating with Resident Evil. They announced iconic series villain Alan Wesker will be released as a new killer alongside fan-favorite characters Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong, who will be playable survivors. Chambers perks were recently released, and the Resident Evil character will have three unique perks at her disposal.

According to the game's wiki Chambers will be most likely be introduced alongside Alan Wesker and Ada Wong in Sept. 2022 in an event titled 'CHAPTER 25: Resident Evil™: PROJECT W'. The devs note that any progress made in the Public Test Build will not carry over once the event goes live.

Rebecca Chambers Perks Revealed in Dead by Daylight 6.2.0 PTB

Here are the three new perks that will be a part of Rebecca Chambers' skillset:

Better Than New

  • Upon completing a healing action on another survivor, the targeted survivor gets a 6% speed boost to generator repair, healing, chest opening and totem cleansing for 25/30/35 seconds.


  • When within a 6 meter radius around a hooked survivor, use the Active Ability Button 2 to pause their struggle progression for 20/25/30 seconds. If they are on the struggle phase, it also pauses the Struggle Skill Checks. This perk has a 40 seconds cool-down.

Hyper Focus

  • After hitting a great Skill Check while repairing or healing, this perk gains 1 token, up to 6 tokens. Each token increases the chance of Skill Check trigger by 2%, the Skill Check cursor speed by 4% and the bonus progression for great Skill Checks by 10%/20%/30% of its base value. The perk loses all tokens in case of normal Skill Check success, Skill Check fail, or if you stop performing the action by any means.