Rebirth Reinforced Keycard Locations and Loot Guide

Due to the Season 2 Reloaded update for Rebirth Island, there have been several new optional objectives to liven up the gameplay. One of which is the brand new mechanic of keycards, hidden throughout the island. There are currently three cards, named Perseus, Vikhor, and Forgotten, and they've been scattered throughout the island in a variety of areas, waiting for players to grab them.

But what do the keycards do? Well, assuming a player can grab them, and bring them to communications without dying, they can grant a significant amount of high-end loot. The rewards for each card are as follows

Rebirth Reinforced Keycard Rewards

  • Perseus gives $1,000 and an Advanced UAV which lets you see everyone on the map.
  • Vikhor gives $8,000 and a Loadout Marker.
  • Forgotten gives a plethora of loot but most importantly a Specialist bonus which can give you a significant stat increase.

Rebirth Reinforced Keycard Locations

The keycards are scattered across various places on Rebirth, and must be brought back to the Security Area to cash in the rewards.

  1. Perseus can be found in Shipping and Receiving, on the bookshelf facing the small yellow room.
  2. Vikhor can be found in Headquarters, underneath the bunker, right by the corkboard with the telephone and the old school computer racks.
  3. Forgotten can be found in Bioweapons in the shower area, with the yellow biohazard barrels. simply go up to the shower-head where it says "Interact with shower" and the game will grant you the keycard, along with some free cash.

After you find one, or all, of the cards, simply take them to the Security Area's Communication area and into the vault room at ground level. Then, you simply walk up next to the vault you want and select it. Once done, you're free to take your new toys and use them however you want to.