Reboot Card Fortnite is the key to reviving teammates using the game's newly added revive system. Cribbed straight from Apex Legends, this system lets players bring their already dead teammates back to life. There are some differences with Apex Legends, though. Here's how Fortnite's revive system works.

Reboot Card Fortnite: How to Revive Teammates

Reviving a dead teammate in Fortnite starts out very similar to the Apex Legends process. You must pick up the dead player's Reboot Card from the loot they drop when they die. The card only sticks around for 90 seconds before disappearing. Once you have the card, you must take it to one of the many Reboot Vans spread around the map's points of interest.

If you use the Reboot Card on the van, your teammate will drop back into the game after 10 seconds carrying a gray pistol, 36 ammo and 100 wood. Unlike in Apex Legends, that same Reboot Van can be reused two minutes later to revive another player.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games