Call of Duty

Red Circles in Warzone Indicate New Radiation Zones

Radiation Zones on Verdansk
Radiation Zones on Verdansk / Courtesy of Activision

Red circles have started to appear in Warzone, catching players off guard when when they randomly popped up on Verdansk. If you're trying to stay human and alive, it'd be a smart move to steer clear of these circles because there's nothing that a mask can do to protect you from taking damage. If you've got another goal in mind, feel free to stick around.

Red Circles in Warzone Indicate New Radiation Zones

These red circles on the map mark Radiation Zones around Verdansk, if you're caught in any of these zones you'll immediately start taking damage until you ultimately die. Everything will turn green as an effect of the radiation while inside of the circle but more importantly after dying you'll drop back into the map as a Zombie. As of today, there are Radiation Zones located in Shipwreck, Prison, and Hospital.

These zones popping up are expected to be the precursor of Activision's upcoming Nuke Event. Recently, Call of Duty tweeted out "The end is near" with the date "4.21.21." That's the most explicit confirmation Activision's provided about the event's timing.