Red Dead 2 PC Launch: Is It Worth It?

Red Dead 2 PC Launch is coming as Rockstar's long-awaited western sequel Red Dead Redemption 2 releases Nov. 5.

While Rockstar's last few PC releases have taken a bit longer than their console counterparts, the fact that Read Dead Redemption 2 is releasing at all on PC is a surprise to many, as the platform was notoriously snubbed by the first Red Dead title, and still has not seen a PC release after nearly ten years on the market.

Red Dead 2 PC Launch: Is It Worth It?

While the PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 will mainly cater to PC players that have yet to experience classic Western Rockstar action, there are still plenty of new features that could let those who played the game on console relive their adventures.

According to the recent newswire released by Rockstar Games, Red Dead developers are looking to make the port the "ultimate" version of the game, polishing the graphics and gameplay to be at its absolute best, along with exclusive weapons and items that can be used in game or online.

Players who pre-order the game can receive the War Horse, Outlaw Survival Kit, 50 gold bars for online, and a bundle of other classic Rockstar games, including Bully and GTA: San Andreas.

Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games