Red Dead Online Herb Picking Contest: How to Complete Posse Versus Challenges

Red Dead Online Herb Picking contest is one posse versus challenges that can be completed online. Although, you need to be in a group against another group if you want to complete them, otherwise, you'll be like many online which have the challenges grayed out.

There are three possible challenges: Biggest Fish Contest, Bird Shooting Contest, and Herb Picking Contest.

Red Dead Online Herb Picking Contest

You can earn experience, Gold and Red Dead Online currency for winning Posse Versus Challenges. It's worth the time and bringing your friends together to complete.

Out of all the challenges, finding the herbs can be difficult. So spread out around the map, and stay away from towns. You are going to find herbs in the wilderness, so go exploring!.

To activate these challenges, gather your posse and activate the versus mode against other posses in the server. They'll get the invite and will have to choose to accept. It will then pull you into a private server and you're off.

If you spend time gathering herbs for money, head to your favorite spots and you should be fine finding plenty of herbs. If you don't tend to farm herbs, you may be in trouble.

Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games