Redd Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Special Vendor Spawns Explained

Animal Crossing: New Horizons special vendor spawns have been explained
Animal Crossing: New Horizons special vendor spawns have been explained / Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons special vendors tend to be some of the most exciting and frustrating characters players can encounter in the game. Since the launch of the newest update, fans are appearing in droves complaining they haven't seen characters such as Kicks, Celeste, or even Leif in quite a while. Sometimes, it seems as though Jolly cousin Redd is determined to keep your museum from completion or Wisp has decided to shun you completely.

Fortunately, there's an algorithm that explains it all. Here's exactly why you've been having trouble collecting art.

Redd Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Special Vendor Spawn Explained

According to the algorithm, your chances of encountering your favorite special villagers is near-random. The only real criteria is that you have to have the Able Sisters' shop built and you will only ever see this character on weekdays.

Every week you're going to get a visit from Leif the sloth, Kicks the skunk, and Saharah the camel. They are randomly assigned an individual day at the start of each week you're active. If their day goes by and you either haven't signed on or haven't interacted with them, they get first priority next week.

Unfortunately, due to the emphasis on these three vendors, that only leaves two remaining days for Redd, Label, CJ, Flick, and Gulliver to spread among themselves. This means that weeks can go by without a visit from any of these four.

Ergo: the algorithm is the leading cause behind your fine art drought.

Animal Crossing almost becomes an entirely different game during the night. Other extraordinary encounters like Wisp and Celeste, who will visit primarily during the evening hours, follow different rules.

Celeste shows up once per week on a day when you have a meteor shower. If you have more than one, the game picks her visitation day at random.

Wisp will show up on your island on a completely random night with essentially no outstanding criteria or circumstances to be met.