Reddit Post Theorizes on New Area Coming to Apex Legends

The newest Legend coming to the game is Fuse, another thing for players to look forward to
The newest Legend coming to the game is Fuse, another thing for players to look forward to / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A recent Reddit post to the Apex Legends subreddit by user u/NizzyDeniro theorized that developers Respawn blew up part of King’s Canyon to make the map larger. Apex Legends’ map has been a constant source of discussion within the community as the developers have made constant changes to the map. The community has theorized about the importance of the most minute detail on the map in the past, watching background animals move as the map changed even.

Many of these theories have yielded actual results, Respawn is a developer that has relished the lengths to which the community will go to notice small changes in the map. Besides the small changes, there have been larger changes to the now three Apex Legends maps. To explain, the first map on release was King’s Canyon. Season 3 brought the release of World’s Edge. Most recently, Season 7 premiered with the new Olympus map. In between the massive season changes, the maps receive new areas and visual updates regularly.

New Area Coming to King's Canyon

The map in question
The map in question / Photo Courtesy of u/NizzyDeniro on Reddit

Like Reddit user u.NizzyDeniro speculates in their post “They made the map bigger by making this area playable.” Being the oldest map, King’s Canyon is no stranger to changes, but the Reddit community seems split on the veracity of these claims.

User u/soggybiskwit replied “That area isn’t playable. The mountains are still there. There’s a photo of a thumbnail posted showing the new slum area.”

Another comment by user u/Timerstone agrees with the original post, “Move it an inch to the right and you’re right. Fuse’s ship was above Artillery.”

It seems that Apex Legends will be adding a new area to their original map, but players are uncertain as to where these new slums will be. So far Respawn has kept their lips sealed on the subject, and it looks as if players will have to wait for the next update for any confirmation.