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Redfall Leaks Preview Arkane's Upcoming Vampire Shooter

Screenshots from an alleged Redfall playtest have surfaced online.
Screenshots from an alleged Redfall playtest have surfaced online. / Photo courtesy of Arkane Studios

Screenshots of Arkane Studios' upcoming co-op vampire shooter Redfall have leaked online, showing an early build of the game still in development.

The images first appeared online via an anonymous Imgur post, and although that post has since been deleted, the images have continued to spread across social media. They are reportedly from a playtest, but neither Arkane nor publisher Bethesda has confirmed those reports.

Two of the leaked screenshots show equipment screens from the game, with weapons of varying rarity tiers and different special attributes. A third shot shows an in-game environment from the player's third-person point of view, and a fourth shows what looks like a pre-game multiplayer lobby. Several more shots show the standard first-person point of view. One includes clearly unfinished assets: a bunch of white boxes with labels on them.

Arkane announced Redfall in June as an Xbox Series X|S and PC title coming in summer 2022. As a Bethesda title, it'll launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one of its launch.